Our Roots




At Grounded, our mission is to create an inviting haven within Hudson Valley’s vibrant scene for the cannabis-curious and connoisseurs alike. We strive to elevate the shopping experience, offering personalized service and a touch of sophistication that encourages exploration, education, and building community connections.



We envision ourselves as an industry-leading brand, passionately championing the normalization and celebration of cannabis, proudly showcasing our expertise while ensuring warmth and inclusivity.



Hudson Valley

Grounded isn’t just rooted in our name; it’s the essence of our connection to Hudson Valley’s fertile farmlands and vibrant artisan culture. We consciously select products from famed local farms and celebrate the talents of local artists, featuring their crafts showcasing their unique smoking accessories for sale.

Most Importantly

Supporting Local

Above all, we believe in the power and significance of supporting local. We’re proud to uplift small businesses, honoring the gritty determination that keeps the heart of Dutchess County and Hudson Valley beating. As a family-owned establishment, Grounded is not just a place—it’s a testament to our love for community, our passion for excellent service, and our unwavering commitment to championing the normalcy of cannabis culture.


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